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Volunteer Update: 12th June 2020
12/06/2020 By Maria Pitten


Hi everyone

It’s Maria’s turn to write our Volunteer update this time. I will try to keep it fairly short for you. The District Team hope you are remaining safe and well during these strange times. Please let your District team know if we can be of any support to you.

Annual General Meeting - Friday 26th June 2020 (as part of CRAIs Got Talent)

As we are unable to hold a face-to-face AGM this year, the Executive Committee have opted to conduct the business of the AGM electronically via proxy voting.

You will all receive a separate email this weekend with the Annual Report and Accounts for 2019, along with a link to a voting system where you can approve or object to the Annual Report and can elect members of the Executive Committee for the coming year. These are being sent to your email address from Compass, and so if you haven’t updated your email address to be your CRAI Scouts email account then these items will have gone to your other email account. Please do email us if you haven’t received a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts, or haven’t received an invite to vote.

It will only take 5 minutes to submit your vote, which needs to be completed by 5pm Friday 26th June 2020.

Our CRAI’s Got Talent show will officially also be our AGM (and what an AGM it will be, such amazing talent!!!) and we will briefly announce the results of the election during the AGM. 

CRAI Scouts Great Indoor Challenge - Challenge 3

Thank you to everyone who joined in our CRAI’s Got Talent. Our team behind the scenes are working their magic to make all the clips into a fantastic video. The launch of CRAI’s Got Talent will be on Friday 26th June 6:30pm. We’ll get a link out to you in time for that… so keep an eye on your inboxes.

Our next challenge is another video challenge, this time to coincide with National Scout Pride Week which starts on Saturday 27th June. The theme for this year is ‘Pride in our Scout Values’, and so we thought this would be a perfect way to frame our next Challenge!!! So this time around we just need a very short clip telling us why you are proud to be a Scout. Please follow the full instructions here

As ever, this challenge will count towards the CRAI Great Indoors Badge

Zoom Meetings

More groups are offering weekly Zoom meetings now. This is a great way to keep Sections running and everyone can interact and see each other. If you want to run Zoom meetings but need help, advice or ideas please contact your District Team, we are all here to help you.


CRAI Beaver Zoom Meeting 

Following on from the amazing success of the last one, our wonderful ADC Beavers has agreed once again to hold a CRAI Beaver Zoom for ALL BEAVERS in CRAI! Wednesday 24th June from 4:30pm. And all of the details are available here, please do pass these on to your Beavers, who I'm sure will absolutely love the scavenger hunt and games that Elizabeth has planned!


CRAI Scout Activity Park News

We are currently working with some instructors to come up with new guidelines and risk assessments for activities to be able to run when face to face scouting can return. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there again when given the go ahead.


Welcome to our new ADC Inclusion - Becky!

Here's a quick introduction to Becky Bennett-Wilding, who has recently been appointed as ADC Inclusion for CRAI.

"I have always wanted to be involved in Scouting and finally got the chance when my eldest son joined Beavers at 5th Risca.  He’s now in Scouts and within that time I have volunteered within Beavers, Cubs and as Group Chair of the Executive Committee.  I’m also part of the National Inclusion Team where I have developed resources to help support our members as well as being involved in other projects.

In my ‘day job’, I am a SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) Diagnostic Assessor which means that I test young people and adults for dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and ADHD.  In addition to this, I also deliver training to organisations on these conditions as well as advising on how to make workplaces and learning environments more inclusive"

Don’t forget your ADC’s are here to help you. Please invite them to your meeting and send photos and messages to be put out.


Are these Volunteer Updates helpful?

We have had various bits of feedback about the Volunteer Updates, and so wanted to give you the opportunity to provide some feedback to help us to shape future editions. Please take 2 minutes to fill in this survey.


Using this down-time to get your Mandatory Learning completed

Here is a gentle reminder of the training modules you could be completing during this time.

Initial Modules (learning)

The links that you may need:

·       Module 1: Essential Information (all roles other than Executive Members)

·       Module 1E: Essential information for Executive Committee Members (including GSL/Commissioners who are trustees)

·       Module 3: Tools for the Job (Section Leaders)

·       Module 4: Tools for the Job (Managers and Commissioners)

·       GDPR Awareness

Initial Modules (validation)

For those of you looking for a way to validate modules 1, 3 and 6 during the lockdown where you aren’t able to meet with a Training Adviser face to face, we have developed the following Validation Quizzes as a new way of getting these 3 modules validated and signed off. So here are the links to those:

·      Module 1: Essential Information Validation Quiz

·      Module 3: Tools for the Job (Section Leaders) Validation Quiz

·      GDPR Awareness Certificate Uploading Tool

·      Module 6: Changes in Scouting Validation Quiz (although this isn’t one of the initial mandatory modules, it is an easy one to get completed as part of your journey towards the wood badge)


Mandatory Ongoing Learning

For those who have completed Module 1 more than 3 years ago, you will need to renew your training for the following 2 elements:

·       Safeguarding Awareness

·       Safety in Scouting

We have created a form where you can upload your certificate for these modules. You will need to log in using your CRAI Scouts Office 365 login details to access these forms:

·      Safeguarding Awareness Certificate Uploading Tool

·      Safety in Scouting Certificate Uploading Tool


Our website

Don't forget that our website ( is now the one-stop-shop for everything that you need to know about what is going on in the CRAI. We are trying to make sure that everything you need is on the website rather than you having to search through various social media platforms and emails to find what you need. If you think that something is missing or needs changing, please do let one of the District Team know. 


Many thanks



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