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District Update September 2021
By Richard Terrell

Sorry we’ve been a bit lacks with the info lately but here’s is the latest district info


It’s a bit of a DCs download this edition but there is lots in here for you all 😊



District Event Planning


As a district team we are meeting in Sept to put together our plans for the rest of the year and 2022.


Can you ask your YP what they would like us to be planning?


Ideas we are looking at already.


District Scouting skills day

District Target sprint weekend

Carol service 21 and 22

Damboree 22

Cub Camp 22

Leaders (with your own kids) Camp May 22

Kayaking taster sessions


But is there something different?? Let us know 😀😀😀


If you could feedback on here or by email by around the 12th sept that would be great...


Area AGM

You should all have by now received an invite to the area AGM and networking day on 25th Sept at The District Club Pontypridd, please can I encourage you all to attend, its your chance to meet other like-minded leaders, learn listen ad exchange ideas, also a chance to meet and discuss anything you like with the Area team, lastly you can get any modules validated. Please just register your interest via the link on the invite.


District Awards Night

12th November, Newbridge Memo. Please keep an eye out for more information on this event. It’s a chance for your YP to have all their work towards their top awards recognised, and a chance for us to recognise some hard-working adult volunteers also. Please keep the date free and come along to help us celebrate.



I like you have to do training, I have just completed my Safety and Safeguarding for another 3 years, But, do you know where you can access your training records? do you know who your training team is?

Compass is where you can find your Personal info, training records and requirements. You may have to register first off but then you have access to see what your training advisors have or have not signed off for you. If you are looking for links for training this link is a good starting point for you.

Your TA’s are as follows

5th Risca- No clear TA at present but Wendy Gray or Myself can validate or sign off modules for you.

1st Abercarn -Linda Terrell

1st Pontywaun- Linda Terrell

3rd Newbridge Linda Terrell (Shes a busy Lady)

1st Sirhowy- Elizabeth O Malley

1st Cefn Fforest- Debbie Williams

1st Gilfach – Symon Dunstan

1st Ystrad – Mathew Whitcombe

1st Sengenhydd – Maria Pitten

1st Caerphilly -Jeanette Baker

2nd Caerphilly – Maria Pitten

7th Caerphilly- Elizabeth O’Malley

Elizabeth O’Malley and Wendy Grey are both Local Training Managers (LTMs) who look after the TAs. If you would like to train as a TA to help burden the load, please contact me or an LTM who can advise the best course of action.


Nights away Assessors

As we now start looking to get out and about camping and holding nights away, don’t forget you need a Nights away permit held by at least one member of your trip, if you haven’t got a permit holder, we have assessors who can help you with this.

Alan Britt, Dave Humphries and Mathew Whitcombe are all Nights away Assessors (NAA), if you need any info on how to get your permits these are the guys to initially talk to.

We are looking to bolster our team of NAAs if you feel you’d like to train up to be one, please contact me in the first instance.


Activity Notifications

Don’t forget if you are looking to run a night away, I need your nights away notifications and a RA kept locally for me to see.

If you run an adventurous activity, I need an adventurous activity notification and you need to keep RA’s locally and available for me if I ask to see them

If you leave the hall, I need a message to say your leaving the hall via your GSL, again RA’s must be kept locally for checking if needed,

Any and all activities need RA’s kept locally please don’t get caught out by not having these stored somewhere.

All Activity notifications can be found on our website:


The Park

As always, we are working hard to improve the park. Over the last few months, we have installed new drainage at the top corner to improve the camping fields, built a purpose designed target range for Target sprint and various other target sports. Reclaimed the copse area for more traditional scouting. In the next few months, we continue the regeneration with three new roofs on the Barn, Lodge and loos, this will stop all the leaks we have encountered over the years and then allow us to start redeveloping the inside spaces. We are installing a specialist Hamock village, so you can borrow the hammocks we have for you guys to use and camp safely off the ground 😊, along with new signage and new main gates( the last ones were 45 years old and slightly rusted) it all looks fresh and new at the entrance, lastly we have just taken delivery of a brand new Grass cutting equipment, which will allow us to cut in the wet and later into the year, so the camping facilities will match the fantastic new buildings..


We need your help with this, please think about giving a few hours up if and when we run maintenance days, it really is a big help to get a few faces helping rather than the usual maintenance team who work so had to maintain our park.

CRAI Youth Council.

This has been emailed out but just a reminder....

Would your Young people like to represent their group within the District to ensure we are youth shaped in all our decisions. If so and they are a Cub, Scout or District Explorer then get them to be part of something bigger and join the CRAI Youth Council. The closing date is the 14th September 2021. Please complete this form to register interest of young person.


And last exciting piece of news.....


Squirrels arrive in Mid Glamorgan

As I am sure many of you are aware there is currently a pilot programme for Squirrels (aged between 4 –6) in Scouting. We have the first pilot Drey approved and ready to open in Mid Glamorgan within CRAI!! 1st Sirhowy Valley have been approved for this pilot will open their doors to a Squirrel Drey in the next few weeks. Updates will be added to website once the Drey is up and running. Good luck to all those involved with this new adventure, we can’t wait to welcome the next generation into this thriving group.


Any Questions, Volunteers to my plea for help or comments you know where I am


Symon, 07425153884



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